UsabilityHub introduces Pay As You Go plan

We think we have pretty good value subscription plans. Not only are they cheap, you can cancel any time you like! You can pay $20, get your responses and immediately cancel, never to be charged again.

Alas, our users have spoken and you want Pay As You Go purchasing, and so that is what we've done. From today you can purchase Karma in bulk from your dashboard. If you're on the free plan, you can switch to the PAYG plan whenever you like and start buying results. If you're already a paid subscriber, you can even top up your account if you run low on quota. PAYG karma is a little more expensive than being on a subscription, but it does have the benefit of not expiring. If you're only an occasional user of UsabilitHub, this may be a great option for you.

The important thing to take into consideration is how we do the billing. We use a great service called for our payment system. Primarily it is a subscription tool, but it also allows one-off payments. The catch is that to do that, you need to be active subscriber....although not necessarily on a paid plan. What this means is that for us to bill you "one off" we have to sign you up to our subscription system. You don't have to pay us anything monthly, but it does mean we need to keep an active credit card on file to be able to bill you for your responses. The upside of this is that it's dead easy to buy more responses. Two clicks and you can continue testing.

I realise that this solution may not be for everyone, but it's the best we can do at the moment, and I hope it suits your needs. We're going to give this method a go for a while, but if the feedback is that customers would rather not go through this process (and would rather a traditional checkout system) we will look into doing that. At the moment Chargify don't support this sort of billing, so it'd mean we'd have to set up a new checkout. We'll see how we go.

Other things we've added in this update:

  • Tax Invoices/Receipts - Another down side of Chargify at the moment is that their invoice/receipt system is kinda non-existent. So we built our own! If you're a paying user, you can view and print your tax receipts from the Account section of the site. There is also a link under your account details on the dashboard.
  • Tour pages - We've updated our tour pages with some more information about how our tests work, what they're good for as well as a demo video of our to use each application. I hope this makes it a little clearer about how to make the most of our apps!
  • Private tests - Thanks to same great feedback, we've modified the way private tests are displayed. Basically we've cut way back on the "sharing" and "karma" type text and making it a lot more streamlined. This means you can send your users to do a test without worrying about them going off to do other tests or even worse, skipping the one you sent them to!
  • Forgot Password - We had quite a few people having problems with the Forgot Password function. We've rewritten it from scratch to ensure it works for everybody.

That's all for now, but don't think we're resting! We have a heap of other much-requested features in the works. Stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you for your support over the past couple of years, and particular in the last few months since we brought in our subscription system. The feedback has been fantastic! update coming soon...very soon!

We've been working hard on the latest update to We've made a lot of changes, many of which won't be visible in the update, but there are some fairly notable changes that WILL be visible in the next few days. The first major change is the addition of Premium tests. Yes, we all knew it was coming eventually! The first thing I have to mention is that our free tests will remain free in exactly the same state that they are now, and will forever remain free! Premium tests, however, give you three benefits (with more to come!). 1. You will receive double the number of responses given to free tests. 2. You will receive your results much quicker than free tests. 3. You get to feel good about supporting! One thing, that hasn't been terribly clear in the past is that tests don't keep getting results forever. Whilst it may seem a little unfair, currently most tests will receive about 12 results. We don't decide this, it is a factor of how many tests are created versus how many responses are given. At the moment, that ratio is 12 to 1. That means for every test that is created today, 12 tests are viewed. The upshot of this is that we spread the love evenly, ensuring that all users get roughly the same number of results. For some people, 12 results isn't enough, whilst for others 12 is plenty. So we're giving you the choice. Upgrade if you wan't, but don't feel obligated! Keep in mind this also about the speed in which you get your results, not just the quanitity! The astute among you may realise that if premium test are getting MORE results, then everyone else must be getting less! You'd be correct. Partially. Another thing we're trying to do in this release, and more so in the future, is promoting the idea of Karma. We're letting you see who is doing your test, to give you an opportunity to do theirs in return. At the moment this is purely to help you help those that helped you. In the future, their will be benefits to your kindness...and yes we ARE watching who is being naughty and nice. Another feature we're adding is the non-repetition of tests. Once you've done a test, you should never see it again. If you do, one of two things has happened... someone has created multiple tests that LOOK the same, or my code is which case, let me know!! We've now added a really nice manage page. This is a central location for managing your tests. Here you can enable, disable, upgrade, share and delete all your tests. In the future we'll be adding more features here, for example, the ability to get results in your inbox, or subscribe to an RSS feed for a test's results. We haven't changed the actual test process too much, although we've made it a little quicker for people who've seen the instructions before, you won't have to sit through them again. The upload process has been revamped to clean up our front page, and we've changed how we show site activity on the front page. There have been a lot of other little changes here and there, and a lot of changes in the background that will enable us to release some much requested features in the near future. Anyway... this is just a heads up! Matt will be giving another update when we go live, which should be in the next few days! Cheers and thanks for your awesome support to date! Angry Monkeys

Yes we ARE still working!

It's been a while since our last version of, and for that we're sorry. We are working hard though, I promise! We hope to be providing a major update in the next couple of weeks. This will include a newly designed front page, manage page, results page and well...pretty much every page! In addition to that, we'll be including a couple of new features. These are top secret at the moment, but we'll give you another update early next week with some more details! In the meantime, keep sending in your feedback! Whilst we may not always respond as timely as we should, we always read and take note of your ideas and suggestions! would be a lonely place without you guys, and for that we thank you! We'll be back with another update next week!