UsabilityHub update: 6 Features in 6 Days

We've just updated UsabilityHub. We're calling this "your version". We've spent the last 6 days doing a heap of changes that have been requested by you, our users. There is pretty much nothing in here that didn't come from either an email, a tweet or from User Voice. Of course, we haven't gotten everything into this release. There are some more updates coming but, for now, this one is big enough! So we wanted to achieve two main goals with this update. Firstly, we wanted to start providing better value to our paying customers. So far you guys and girls have been paying us just for "responses", but now we want you to start getting some extra benefits for being in our elite little club of subscribers. Secondly, we wanted to start working towards creating better workflows for test owners. What you see here is really only phase 1, we have a lot more planned.  So here is a quick list of what's in this update for you!

  • Deleting Five second test responses - This is version 1 of deleting responses. This hides the response from your list, but you won't get a credit for the response. We hope to do something about that soon! For now, this will help tidy up your reports. The results will still appear in your export should you need them and are just appended with a bar | so you can filter them out manually.
  • Split Tests/Iterations - You can now create variations of tests. You can either use this as a means to do A/B testing where you just want to compare the performance of two different UIs at the same time. Or, you can use it to iterate and make changes one after the other over a period of time. Either way, the important thing is that any user will only be able to do ONE of the tests in the group. This not only means you get a wider group of testers, it also means you want get users feeling like they're doing duplicate tests.
  • Private tests  - Private tests now give you the option to have your referrals only do YOUR test (i.e. not be asked to go on to do another). This means they will be shown your test, and then a thank you page, and that's all. As we don't get the benefit of getting this user to go on to do more tests, these testers will count towards your requested responses, so make sure you allow for this when you send out your link. Of course, you can still get results for free by letting users do another test after yours!
  • Export! - You can now export your five second test results as a CSV to do with as you please. Huzzah!

Other updates:

  • Deleting half-finished tests - when you delete a half finished test, you will be refunded the unused responses.
  • Better cross-site integration - All tests are now managed from the one screen, and we're now making better use of projects to help you organise them. The new interface is a lot nicer, and hopefully will help get around your tests more quickly.
  • Loads of bug fixes...yes...we all have them.

We have another fairly major update coming in a few weeks time which will feature a load of other requests.  Among other things, this will include annotations and demographics (at last!). Any problems or feedback, please feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

The Click Test is back!

Due to overwhelming demand, the Click Test is back. When we launched the new version of, we did the one thing that you're always told never to do; "never remove a feature". We did that, and we're sorry. I hope today that we've rectified that mistake! The main reason the Click Test was was removed from was that we wanted to streamline the test creation and management process. By having multiple versions of the same test we were really restricting what we could do and where we could go with EITHER test. By splitting them out into two distinct applications, we can take the Click Test into an entirely new direction. What we have up right now is really version 0.5. It's really a bare bones version, without much in the way of additional features. This was intentional. As it was our users that demanded the return of the Click Test, we want our users to take part in shaping how it evolves from here.
  • Do you want keyword tagging like the old test?
  • Do you want to split results into Fast and Slow clicks, or who clicked where first?
  • Do you want a time limit on the test?
  • Do you want to restrict the number of times a user can click?
We want you, the user, to decide where it goes, and what features to include.

In other news:

This update also includes some other important changes. The most important of which is prioritising tests based on subscription. What this means is that users on the Team, Studio and Agency plans will get their results before other users. It's worth noting that Solo plan subscribers will also be prioritised over free users, but not nearly to the degree of the other plans. This is the first of many additions to give more value to our subscription plans. Keep an eye on this page for details on some of our upcoming features.

Day 2 update

So we've had a heap of great feedback from the community. I'm thrilled that we have so many passionate users!

We've made a few changes today in response to feedback, and we have a lot more changes coming. Nothing incredibly huge at the moment, but I just want to show that we're listening, and that we WANT your feedback, your praise and your hate mail.

Here is a short list of some of some of things we did today:

- Result sharing  - You can now share your test results with others. In your test results page you'll see a new special link which you can safely share with others.

- Print friendly results - We've updated the CSS on the results page (and the new share page) to be printer friendly.

- Test sharing - We noticed that not many users are sharing their test links. This is the fastest way to get results, and also means you can target your own audience. This is especially true if you're conducting a test in your native language. To get people involved in doing this, we've added a prompt to get people sharing their tests.

- Random tests - We've added a new "random test" function in the dashboard to allow users to do ANY random test rather than just doing 5st or Navflow tests. This is heaps of fun!

- We've updated a lot of the links and redirects to stop users being taken back to the home page when they're logged in. Hopefully that alleviates some of the frustrations there!

- We fixed a heap of issues with IE7 that were preventing some users creating tests (sorry folks!)

- We've added "requested responses" to your test results page, so you can see how many responses you have remaining for your tests. e.g 3 of 20 responses.

We're still working hard on a lot of the other things that have been requested, and whilst we can't (or won't) make all the requested changes, it is important that you know that we are listening and we are actively creating solutions to problems you guys are having. I know we're not perfect, and I know we can't please everyone, but a lot of the requests we're getting are actually quite reasonable. Rest assure that we're doing everything we can do make this app what you want it to be. Please give us your feedback, we love hearing from you!

Stay tuned for more!

New and

Well it took us a while, but we've finally launched. For the most part we actually finished these apps about 2 months ago. But we've spent the last 8-9 weeks messing around with merchant accounts and payment gateways. A lesson for all startups out there, sort your merchant account EARLY.

So we're up and running now, and everything seems to be running ok. A fairly major part of the installation was migrating users, their karma and their credit across to the new system from Basically we have an entirely new system, with an entirely new way of managing credit, and so it took a little shoe-horning to get that in to place.


For those who aren't aware, all existing Karma has been migrated across to the new system.  On the new site 1 Karma point is worth 1 result.  You won't be able to make tests without karma, so

On the old site, when you spent $5 you got an additional 15 results. We've doubled that. Every token (or $5 credit) has been converted to 30 results on the new site.  This has been given out in the form of Karma.

Unfortunately, all the Beta data for Navflow was deleted. This includes logins. About a third of our Navflow users are actually 5st users, which meant a whole heap of account duplications if we migrated everyone across. The remaining users signed up and didn't create any tests. So it made sense to just migrate 5st users across. I'm sorry to those who were having fun with Navflow, but unfortunately we had no choice.

New Features

The first MAJOR change in the new system is to The click test is gone. Navflow is now the place to do click tests. We found that clicks were not an accurate way to gauge first impressions. Without context, and with a time limit, the click test was a little shaky. We think that navflow gives test authors far more flexibility to find out what they need to know without putting undue cognitive load on the end user.

Through a lot of feedback, and a lot of study, we've also changed the fivesecondtest memory to be a much more traditional and more flexible test. Rather than having unfocussed "what do you think?" type testing, we've now included the ability to ask up to 5 questions about the test image. The user is shown the image, and then you can test their recall about the image. The result is a significantly more targeted and quantifiable result. In time we will add additional tools to assist in benchmarking and iteration.


Navflow and Fivesecondtest are the first two apps in our suite of tools called Usability Hub. When you sign up to one or the other, you're actually signing up to UsabilityHub. One subscription fee will give you access to all of our apps now and in the future.  Your subscription entitles you to a certain number of results per month, usable across any of the applications for as many tests as you want. Subscriptions start off from as low as $19 a month, and  can be upgraded or cancelled at any time. No lock in.

As always, our apps are available for free to anyone who wants to help give feedback on other users' tests. Earn karma to create tests. One major change however, is that we no longer offer anonymous test creation. If you want to create tests, you'll need to sign up, participate in tests and earn the right to create your own tests. To make up for this, we give all new users 20 Karma to get started.

Well that's about it for now. I need a rest!

If you have any queries, shoot us an email at [email protected]

Thanks for all support till now, and welcome to UsabilityHub!

Navflow Beta extended until the 30th of July

A quick note, as a few people have asked, we are extending the Navflow Beta until the 30th of July. Please ensure you have concluded your testing and taken you results before then. We will still be deleting all beta test data from that date. The new version will be up on the 31st as planned.

Major Update coming July 31st


On July 31st we'll be launching Usability Hub isn't much at the moment, just a pair of web apps really. But it is the start of something bigger and better than anything we've done to date.

The goal of is to provide a place for designers and developer to work together, share ideas and help each other improve websites and applications. It's about providing a focal point for all things UX. We want it to be about more than just our applications, we want it to be a place where all designers can learn from each other, and help each other out. In the coming months we'll talk more about what our plans are, but for now let's just talk about what it means for our current applications.

Navflow Beta beta will be &nbsp;finishing next week.&nbsp;<strong>All existing data will be deleted at the end of next week (23rd July).</strong> Where possible we will migrate user accounts across to the new system enabling you to keep your login in. Part of this migration is migrating our existing Fivesecondtest users. Obviously if there is a clash with your existing 5st account, we'll keep your 5st account in preference over the Navflow beta account.

Five Second Test

We have a completely new Five Second Test which you'll get to see very soon. Whilst we think our new site is better in all regards, we understand that a lot of people really like our existing system. Rather than delete it, &nbsp;we're going to let you continue to use it! The old will be renamed to;So if you're currently running tests there, don't be scared that it's all going to vapourise, you can keep on keeping on. Please keep in mind that the two systems are completely separate. Tests created in the old version are not available in the new, and vice versa.


Users with credit from will have their credit <strong>copied </strong>across to the new site. &nbsp;This will enable you to continue creating tests with the credit you have purchased on the old site until your credit runs out, at which point you'll need to sign up to one of the new plans (or keep creating free tests using karma!).

As the new site is subscription based, we have to migrated your credit to match the new system. We're using a fairly generous conversion to the new system to ensure everyone gets a good deal. The old 5st had a variable return on credit which moved from a high of around 25 responses per credit down to around 10. This meant that (depending on traffic) $5 credit bought a different amount of results. I thought it was cool, but the consensus was that it was all a bit weird. &nbsp;To keep this fair, all old tokens ($5) will be worth 30 responses in the new system. This means no matter when you bought your credit, you're getting a good value upgrade in the new system. What's more, we're going to let you keep your credit on as well! So consider this a warm introduction to our new system!

Accessing old Five Second Tests

One of the big changes we're making is a complete revamp of Click tests have been removed as Navflow will now concentrate on our "click tests" portion of testing. Our old Memory test is being shelved in favour of a new form of the Five Second Test which we feel gives better results and is better value for money than our old system. This means that old tests will not be viewable in the new site. Users wishing to get data will continue to be able to get it from when we launch. This will be kept available indefinitely. If you really want, you can even continue using the old site.

The future of Usability Hub

What you'll see in the next few weeks is really only the beginning. We've worked long and hard to make more user friendly and more business friendly. We've listened to our users - and to the experts - and we've improved how the test itself works. We've integrated two great products into one set of tools. But we're not finished.

These two new products are really fairly young, and we have a lot of upcoming features post-launch. So if they're not perfect for you right now, we hope in the coming months they will be.

These two applications are just the first in a suite of tools that we call Usability Hub. We have 3 more coming before the end of the year, and each additional tool will be available at no extra cost to subscribers. We hope to make Usability Hub the one stop shop for all things usability testing and design. We've still got a long way to go, but we think today is a big step in the right direction.

Fivesecondtest migration to Navflow system

As you all know we've been very busy building our new app called Navflow. What you may not know is that we've also been rebuilding as well! The new Fivesecondtest will sit along side Navflow as part of our new system called There are lot of changes as a result of this move. I can't talk about most of them just yet, but I DO need to give you a heads up about a few things. In the coming weeks we will be migrating a lot of data from the old site to the new site. All your user accounts, karma, credit and tests will be migrated across to the new system. 

A few days before we migrate, we'll turn off the ability to create new tests. You'll still get results for all your existing tests, and you'll still be able to do everything else. We're just turning off the test creation. During that week we'll be migrating all the data across, and we don't want anyone's test to vaporise. Most importantly, we want everyone to have their full quota of results BEFORE we move. There's a very good reason for this...but I can't tell you just yet!

Now, one other fairly major change is coming. We're moving from pay-per-test, to a subscription service. The main reason we want to do this is because as fivesecondtest users we want you to also have access to Navflow. Buying a subscription to one, will give you full access to the other. Our monthly pricing is pretty damned good value too. The best part is that we will allow you to create many tests each month for just a little more than one Gold test costs right now. Not only that but, you'll be able to mix and match your tests, and have much greater control over the number of results you want. Create a couple of fivesecondtests with 30 responses each, and maybe then go create a Navflow test with 40 results. Whatever you need! The best thing about these plans is that unused "value" from one month will roll over to the next month! I'll go into more detail about what "value" means in the coming weeks. important notice to people who currently have credit with us! Your credit will be migrated to one of the new plans based on your current credit. Your plan won't automatically renew however. Given that our plans allow value to roll over, month to month, you will still have full access to the full value of your credit indefinitely. You can still use it up whenever you want! Of course, should you choose to sign up to a plan, the new value will be added to your existing total! 

This is all happening in the coming weeks. We'll keep you updated with news and changes! Thanks to everyone for your support, I hope you will enjoy the new as much as we've enjoyed building it!

Navflow Beta 1.5 Update

I was hoping to announce the release of Beta 2 today, but alas, we can only really call this Beta 1.5! First thing's first, if you have any problems with the Navflow beta test, please contact us at [email protected]

There isn't a whole lot of "fun" stuff in this update. Mostly bug fixes, a few feature requests, and a LOT of behind the scenes work preparing for the migration of We could've held off on releasing this until we'd had a lot of other "features" added, but we have some fairly important things to get out in this version. So what's here?

1. Karma - We're releasing the first iteration of what will become the new Karma system. This system is based on the same philosophy as the karma system, but with some important distinctions. First of all, we're unlocking the amount of Karma you can earn in a day, and we're taking the cap off how many results you can get with Karma. As of right now, however, you NEED Karma to make tests. To get new users started, you will get 20 karma when you sign up. So you can go ahead and use that straight away to create a test. What this means in the future however, is that for every result you want for free, you need to help out someone else. At the moment, this is a free for all. But there are some "checks and balances" being put in place to prevent "gaming" the system. So be good for goodness sake!

2. Language support - This isn't full localisation unfortunately, but it does give you the ability to view tests that are in YOUR language. When users create a test, they let us know what language it is in, and then we only show that test to people who speak that language. This is based on your browser language, but for registered users is configurable from the settings page. Registered users will ONLY be shown tests for languages they've selected. Anonymous users, however, will be show tests in their language until there are none left, and then will start seeing international tests. Test owners can also set to only allow users who explicitly state they speak that language. Whilst this should significantly improve the quality of your results, this option could slow down the rate at which you receive results depending on what language you choose. As a result of this change, we'll be adding a lot of our international sign-ups later this week.

3. User dashboard - There have been a few comments about how the Navflow logo not taking users "home". This is actually because we hadn't finished our user dashboard page yet. It's now (mostly) finished. What this means is that if you're a registered user, you will no longer need to go to the front page of the site. You will be taken to your own dashboard showing you how much credit, karma and results you have. There is a lot more coming to this page, so stay tuned!

Ok well, that's the bulk of it. There are a lot of other minor changes, and a lot more to come. We'll be adding some more testers today, so if you are desperate to get into beta, email us at [email protected] and let us know! If you read all of this, you deserve to get in!

Introducing Navflow

As some of you may know we have been hinting at something new over the last couple of weeks. Not a new feature or a redesign but an entirely new app, and today I am happy to announce that the fruit of our labour is launching under the moniker of navflow.

With navflow we believe we have created a novel approach to testing how people navigate websites and applications. The traditional approach to running usability tests of this nature has mostly involved the testing of live interfaces. While this is a perfectly valid means of gaining valuable user insight, implementing design changes can be prohibitively costly and difficult to implement once a website or application is live.

Our solution was to move testing into the design phase and give designers tools that allow them to run user analysis using mock ups and wire frames. This approach has proven to be very successful on with almost a thousand people participating in and creating tests every day. For navflow we wanted to take design phase testing even further and let designers see how users navigate their designs without needing to build them first. To that effect we have built a testing platform that takes a series of images and creates a conversion funnel from it. The designer is responsible for highlighting areas of the image that result in successful conversions and we allow successful clicks to proceed along the funnel.

Navflow is currently in beta and open to registrations, however new accounts will need to be activated in batches in order for us to stay on top of any bugs or other issues that may arise with a new launch. Bear in mind that this is a beta and so may still be a little rough around the edges, we will be working hard over the coming weeks to get everything up to scratch. We are eager to hear your thoughts so please send any bug reports, feedback or even praise to [email protected]

And so with that, happy testing!