fivesecondtest and Angry Monkeys

Recently I got talking with one of the guys who created the popular fivesecondtest. He was looking to do something a little new and different with the site, and was going to go it alone and redevelop the whole thing. I had a bit of spare time on my hands and decided to lend a hand. The result is just about here. Whilst some features have been cut for the time being, they hopefully will make a return...if in a slightly different form. As well as a redesign of the site, we've redesigned how tests are conducted. The focus at the moment is revisiting what information we can learn from someone in a teeny weeny amount of time. In the coming days we'll be launching a Beta version of the new site for regulars to take a look at and have a play with it. This is a real Beta, not a Google-esque Beta that will last forever. This will be 4-6 weeks of focused testing and gathering of feedback. We're putting this out there to see what the users think, get some input and then go back and do some more development. We hope that the new design, and the new test format will make it easier to do tests, and easier to learn from the data that is produced. We could be completely wrong, but we'll find out soon enough. In the next couple of days I will be getting Matt to join the discussion here and explain where fivesecondtest came from, and where he believes it is going. Until then, we'll continue working hard towards a beta release! Alan