Quick PAYG Update

We've a bit of feedback from people regarding the new PAYG system. The system we've implemented works great for existing users who just want to get a "top up" of results. Unfortunately, for our "free" users, it is somewhat cumbersome to have to sign up to a different plan (even if it is still free) and then choose how many Karma you want etc etc etc. Also, for some people, us keeping their credit card on file for a one off purchase, just doesn't gel. All of that is fair enough too.

Unfortunately, it's the best we can do within the Chargify system. So, we've done a complete backflip and we're reintroducing PayPal payments as of today. We're only using PayPal for "one off" purchase. Subscriptions will still be done through the existing system. We hope this makes it easier for those who asked and for those who are yet to find this feature!

If you've already switched to the PAYG plan, have no fear. It works no differently than the community plan. So you can stay on that if you wish. We're just stopping any new users joining that plan. If you want, you can switch back to the community plan, or back to a paid plan....or you can stay where you are!

If you have any queries, or concerns, please contact us at [email protected]