The Click Test is back!

Due to overwhelming demand, the Click Test is back. When we launched the new version of, we did the one thing that you're always told never to do; "never remove a feature". We did that, and we're sorry. I hope today that we've rectified that mistake! The main reason the Click Test was was removed from was that we wanted to streamline the test creation and management process. By having multiple versions of the same test we were really restricting what we could do and where we could go with EITHER test. By splitting them out into two distinct applications, we can take the Click Test into an entirely new direction. What we have up right now is really version 0.5. It's really a bare bones version, without much in the way of additional features. This was intentional. As it was our users that demanded the return of the Click Test, we want our users to take part in shaping how it evolves from here.
  • Do you want keyword tagging like the old test?
  • Do you want to split results into Fast and Slow clicks, or who clicked where first?
  • Do you want a time limit on the test?
  • Do you want to restrict the number of times a user can click?
We want you, the user, to decide where it goes, and what features to include.

In other news:

This update also includes some other important changes. The most important of which is prioritising tests based on subscription. What this means is that users on the Team, Studio and Agency plans will get their results before other users. It's worth noting that Solo plan subscribers will also be prioritised over free users, but not nearly to the degree of the other plans. This is the first of many additions to give more value to our subscription plans. Keep an eye on this page for details on some of our upcoming features.
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You guys did good!

I'm so happy the click test is back, it was the only test I used you guys for and provided me with a lot of great insight!

Now if I were going to answer your questions above I would say:

1) Yes, keyword tagging is really helpful, giving me the chance to find out what people think they are clicking on.

2) This isn't uber important for me, but knowing what people's first click was might be nice. Having the ability to time their clicks would be amazing!

3) I don't think it needs a time limit. But it would be nice to have the choice.

4) No restrictions on how much people can click

I'm so happy this is back and I look forward to seeing what it becomes in the future. I can now be a happy user of your software once more!

[...] The Click Test is back! | Angry Monkeys [...]
[...] The Click Test is back! | Angry Monkeys [...]
Phew. Glad it's back. To answer your questions:
1) I'm not a huge fan of keyword tagging, but I do think it has value in some cases. Toggle-able?

2) I think both order and speed clicked matter. I'd like to see both.

3) If you implement both speed and order data, then the timer could actually adversely affect these (people rush to click).

4) With that said, I think a limit of 4 or 5 clicks makes sense. Anything beyond that is hopefully of little importance.

Thanks again for making these tests. They are GREAT!

i think it would be good if you could comment on why you made an individual click.