Day 2 update

So we've had a heap of great feedback from the community. I'm thrilled that we have so many passionate users!

We've made a few changes today in response to feedback, and we have a lot more changes coming. Nothing incredibly huge at the moment, but I just want to show that we're listening, and that we WANT your feedback, your praise and your hate mail.

Here is a short list of some of some of things we did today:

- Result sharing  - You can now share your test results with others. In your test results page you'll see a new special link which you can safely share with others.

- Print friendly results - We've updated the CSS on the results page (and the new share page) to be printer friendly.

- Test sharing - We noticed that not many users are sharing their test links. This is the fastest way to get results, and also means you can target your own audience. This is especially true if you're conducting a test in your native language. To get people involved in doing this, we've added a prompt to get people sharing their tests.

- Random tests - We've added a new "random test" function in the dashboard to allow users to do ANY random test rather than just doing 5st or Navflow tests. This is heaps of fun!

- We've updated a lot of the links and redirects to stop users being taken back to the home page when they're logged in. Hopefully that alleviates some of the frustrations there!

- We fixed a heap of issues with IE7 that were preventing some users creating tests (sorry folks!)

- We've added "requested responses" to your test results page, so you can see how many responses you have remaining for your tests. e.g 3 of 20 responses.

We're still working hard on a lot of the other things that have been requested, and whilst we can't (or won't) make all the requested changes, it is important that you know that we are listening and we are actively creating solutions to problems you guys are having. I know we're not perfect, and I know we can't please everyone, but a lot of the requests we're getting are actually quite reasonable. Rest assure that we're doing everything we can do make this app what you want it to be. Please give us your feedback, we love hearing from you!

Stay tuned for more!

10 responses
This is great to see guys!

You've obviously got a great attitude and I can already see the improvements making a difference!

I'll be sure to send more feedback when I have it!

Im liking it, but it s having issues in safari. specifically, the screen where you review site images in the dashboard only displays as a thin strip. its the lightbox / jquery modal dialog.
Hi "user", can you please email support with your details. We're having trouble recreating the problem, and would like to have a look at your test specifically. [email protected]. Thanks!

Great work indeed. Sharing results is an excellent addition.

In 5st, maybe people who use the "pass" option for all the questions should not get a karma point? I had to click 5 times "pass" on one test because I could not remember the answer to any of the questions and felt like I cheated my way to this karma.... you can't cheat karma. :)

This feature is in the works. We're looking at some overall "ratings" to increase rewards to consistently good respondents, and reduce rewards for karma cheats :) we want to deter users from doing this as well as allow users to get cleaner results.
Neat. Rewarding good participants would be great. I am guessing you would have to make sure that the system keeps a "karma balance" so it will not reach a deadlock. Must be fun to be an angry monkey these days, this is becoming my favorite hangout place. :)
Hey, love the idea and really enjoyed giving other sites feedback but I'm not seeing any responses for my site. How long does it take to get 20 responses?
Hi Roger,

Generally most users can expect to get their results in a day or two. Obviously, this is fairly heavily dependent on traffic. The best way to get faster results is to share your link from the results page.

The exception to the 1-2 rule are users who create language specific tests. If you've done that, then it can take significantly longer as you'll have to wait for users of that language to do your test.

For your tests specifically, can you please email [email protected] with your login name and we'll take a look. There are currently no active tests with zero results. Which suggests that either your test is inactive or otherwise not functioning correctly.


THanks Alan, I redid a test and it appears to be active now. All set.
this is awesome man