Navflow Beta 1.5 Update

I was hoping to announce the release of Beta 2 today, but alas, we can only really call this Beta 1.5! First thing's first, if you have any problems with the Navflow beta test, please contact us at [email protected]

There isn't a whole lot of "fun" stuff in this update. Mostly bug fixes, a few feature requests, and a LOT of behind the scenes work preparing for the migration of We could've held off on releasing this until we'd had a lot of other "features" added, but we have some fairly important things to get out in this version. So what's here?

1. Karma - We're releasing the first iteration of what will become the new Karma system. This system is based on the same philosophy as the karma system, but with some important distinctions. First of all, we're unlocking the amount of Karma you can earn in a day, and we're taking the cap off how many results you can get with Karma. As of right now, however, you NEED Karma to make tests. To get new users started, you will get 20 karma when you sign up. So you can go ahead and use that straight away to create a test. What this means in the future however, is that for every result you want for free, you need to help out someone else. At the moment, this is a free for all. But there are some "checks and balances" being put in place to prevent "gaming" the system. So be good for goodness sake!

2. Language support - This isn't full localisation unfortunately, but it does give you the ability to view tests that are in YOUR language. When users create a test, they let us know what language it is in, and then we only show that test to people who speak that language. This is based on your browser language, but for registered users is configurable from the settings page. Registered users will ONLY be shown tests for languages they've selected. Anonymous users, however, will be show tests in their language until there are none left, and then will start seeing international tests. Test owners can also set to only allow users who explicitly state they speak that language. Whilst this should significantly improve the quality of your results, this option could slow down the rate at which you receive results depending on what language you choose. As a result of this change, we'll be adding a lot of our international sign-ups later this week.

3. User dashboard - There have been a few comments about how the Navflow logo not taking users "home". This is actually because we hadn't finished our user dashboard page yet. It's now (mostly) finished. What this means is that if you're a registered user, you will no longer need to go to the front page of the site. You will be taken to your own dashboard showing you how much credit, karma and results you have. There is a lot more coming to this page, so stay tuned!

Ok well, that's the bulk of it. There are a lot of other minor changes, and a lot more to come. We'll be adding some more testers today, so if you are desperate to get into beta, email us at [email protected] and let us know! If you read all of this, you deserve to get in!