Introducing Navflow

As some of you may know we have been hinting at something new over the last couple of weeks. Not a new feature or a redesign but an entirely new app, and today I am happy to announce that the fruit of our labour is launching under the moniker of navflow.

With navflow we believe we have created a novel approach to testing how people navigate websites and applications. The traditional approach to running usability tests of this nature has mostly involved the testing of live interfaces. While this is a perfectly valid means of gaining valuable user insight, implementing design changes can be prohibitively costly and difficult to implement once a website or application is live.

Our solution was to move testing into the design phase and give designers tools that allow them to run user analysis using mock ups and wire frames. This approach has proven to be very successful on with almost a thousand people participating in and creating tests every day. For navflow we wanted to take design phase testing even further and let designers see how users navigate their designs without needing to build them first. To that effect we have built a testing platform that takes a series of images and creates a conversion funnel from it. The designer is responsible for highlighting areas of the image that result in successful conversions and we allow successful clicks to proceed along the funnel.

Navflow is currently in beta and open to registrations, however new accounts will need to be activated in batches in order for us to stay on top of any bugs or other issues that may arise with a new launch. Bear in mind that this is a beta and so may still be a little rough around the edges, we will be working hard over the coming weeks to get everything up to scratch. We are eager to hear your thoughts so please send any bug reports, feedback or even praise to [email protected]

And so with that, happy testing!

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This is great. Is there a "go live" date yet? I would very much like to be included in this beta as soon as possible, as I have one project that needs this immediately.

If you are not planning on opening the service sometime soon, would it be possible to know (and hopefully, see with screenshots or a live demo) what the backoffice looks like, in more details?

Specifically, I am wondering if time to click is measured - because a question such as "how would you contact me" as I see often in the current tests, can eventually be answered, the real question is how long it took for the user to find that answer.

Very much looking forward to the release.

Hi Eli,

Head over to the site and sign up. email me your account details to [email protected] and I will activate you for the beta.


You guys rock. I'm already a fan of Navflow!

Keep going!