Performance Issues and moving host

Hi all! It appears we may have outgrown our "budget" hosting solution. Over the last few weeks we've seen an anomalous increase in timeouts across the site without a corresponding increase in traffic. I'm pretty sure my programming hasn't gotten worse, and I'm pretty sure our users haven't gone feral on us, so the only remaining variable is the shared host we're on. I guess it's a classic case of "you get what you pay for". So we've decided to move house! I'd be more than happy to hear recommendations from the community for a .NET host supporting SQL2008. If you have any suggestions, drop us an email at [email protected] or contact us on twitter! The downside of this move is that there may be some interruption to services while we move house. The upside is that when we're back up, things will be LIGHTNING fast....unless the problems ARE because of my which case I apologise in advance! Thanks for your support!
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Good luck with the move! We are getting frustrated with our current host also. We might have to move soon if our site keeps going down.
Glad to hear that! You really have a great "free" service! I definately got some timeouts last week but not today...
your site is great. why not consider google app engine to host this ?
I think the heavy traffic may be caused by the site's mention in the latest Boagworld Podcast (

>That's how I found out about the service, and I'm sure a couple thousand (at least) did also.

Hi Alex,

The strange thing is we were getting crazy timeout errors with LOW traffic as well at out old host. 600+ databases on a SQL Express database server!! No thanks!

We're on Rackspace Cloud now, and the few spikes we've had recently haven't caused the slightest hiccup.


I think you have HubSpot to thank for some of the traffic--they've mentioned you in their live webinars quite a bit as a good tool to use.