The Karma system is here at long last! It's taken a lot of thinking, a lot of coding, and a lot of tweaking to get this to a point where we're happy with it. Today is the day when I can finally say we're ready to release it! When having a look, please keep in mind that this is only phase one of our system. I can't go into detail as to what else we have planned, but hopefully this is enough to keep everyone happy until "later".

So what is this karma system? 

Well, in a nutshell, we're now rewarding users who do tests by giving them more responses. This sort of happened indirectly before, but now it is very clear and very defined that when you help the community you get rewarded. In the past if everyone did more tests, everyone got more results. With the changes to the payment structure, our "free" users got pretty well burned. We're really sorry about that. The karma system was supposed to happen at the same time, and for various reasons didn't. Well it's here now, and as an added bonus, <i>we're applying karma points retrospectively!</i>. That means if you've been doing a heap a tests for us over the past few months, you'll get all that karma in one lump sum! We even have one loyal user who'll find a stash of nearly 300 karma points!! It's the least we can do to say thanks for your support!

How does it work?

Put simply, you do one test, you earn one karma point. When you get 10 karma points, you can buy 10 more results for one of your tests. Easy! So this now means free tests get can get up to 15 results without you spending a single dollar. Of course, we'd still like you to spend a dollar, so upgrades can only be done once per test.

What's the catch?

There is no catch, but there are a couple of conditions. Firstly, you need to be registered. If you're not registered, you can't earn karma. Secondly, you can only earn 15 karma at a time. This gets reset every 12 hours. Basically, this is to stop folks just clicking through 60 tests without any real thought as to what they're doing collecting all the karma, creating some tests for free and then never coming back to the community. Besides, there's no point in you getting 10 extra results if all the results are garbage! We're far more interested in rewarding regular visitors who frequently contribute to the community. Of course, by doing more than 15 tests, you're still helping out the community, so by all means go nuts!

Mega Karma Chain Super Bonus

We have a couple of extra ways to earn <strong>bonus </strong>karma! If you consistently do 15 or more tests a day, you'll start to earn a Karma Chain Bonus! This bonus increments each day you keep the chain going up to a maximum of 15. This means you could actually earn 30 karma a day! That's enough to upgrade 3 tests! The trick is to come back at least 5 times in a week and do 15 tests, that's when you'll start seeing the chain bonus. 

Community moderation

On top of that, you have the ability to give other users bonus karma directly! In your test results page you now have the ability to reward users by clicking the little green thumbs up. This gives them an extra karma point for that excellent feedback! Of course, if someone submits a garbage response you can always deduct a karma point! Deleting someone's response will quickly have their karma going backwards, so play nice!


We'd love to hear what you think of our new karma system, so please either leave a comment below, send us an email or follow us on twitter. There will be many more features surrounding this including a top 10 list, "credit for karma" and some other things I can't even tell you yet!

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The Karma System is fantastic! What a great way to encourage people to participate and take action. My firm provides Business to Business Services (Document Storage and Scanning), which aren't quite as engaging, but you guys really do have a great service. I found out about it from the folks at Hubspot and I couldn't be happier with the feedback that we've received. Thanks for providing such a great service!
Agreed! I love doing tests, and try to give the feedback that I'd want if it were my test. Earning the bonus karma is a hoot. I felt like one of Skinner's pigeons (karma bonuses=variable reinforcement schedule) when I finally hit the point of getting extra points with every test I did.

(One note, somewhat unrelated... when you purchase, you talk credits, but in all other parts of the site, you're still talking tokens. Please pick one or the other and clean it up! Thx)

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What is up with the Karma system? I have received 15 Karma points in about 20 minutes. When I go to upgrade a test, It says that there is an error and that I don't have enough Karma points. Whats up?
Hi! Can you please email us your details at [email protected] or [email protected] (depending on which app you're referring to). We will then be able to help you out.


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What I'd like to know is the story behind the name. Does the system work remotely like the generally known concept of karma?
Karma is pretty much what it sounds like. If you do something good, good things will come back to you. In our case, you provide results to a person, and you will receive results in return.