Even BETTER value for paid tests

As part of our upcoming Karma system, we've been collecting a bit more information about who is doing your tests. One bit of information we're collecting is referrals. Up until now if you bought a gold test and got 45 people doing your test, it wouldn't matter whether those people were "random" testers or friends of yours that you had sent a link to. This meant that if you sent your link to 26 people you'd essentially be getting 26 less "random" tests. Rather than discouraging this, we now ENCOURAGE it! If someone does your test having come from a link you sent out, we no longer deduct that from your "expected" results. What this means is that if you buy a gold test AND send your link out to 10 people, you can expect to get 55 results instead of 45! By sending your link out, not only are you getting more results for your money, but you're also helping other test owners get more results as well! Everyone wins! Another minor update: We're in the process of ditching "tokens". They'll still be used in the background, but we're reverting to $ credit. Basically 1 token is worth $5. Everything will remain the same, it's just that it will hopefully be less complicated than trying to work out how many tokens you need, how much the cost etc etc.