A dollar more, but more results for you!

Hi All! We've just made a couple of minor changes in preparation for some larger changes coming up in a few weeks time. The first, is a bit of good and bad. The good news is that paid tests will now get more results than they've been getting! Hooray! The bad news is that it is at the expense of free tests..... Now, now...let me explain! Previously we worked out who got how many results based on the number of tests being created, and the number of responses being made. We simply divide one by the other. Free tests are worth 1, a bronze test is worth 2, silver - 3 and gold - 4. Add up all the responses in the last week, and divide by the number of tests (including the weighted values for premium tests)...that's the number of "expected results". Simply put Bronze tests get double the results of free tests, silver gets three times and gold gets four times. Easy. With the increase in traffic to the site in the past few months, we've had a matching increase in responses to tests. Originally, we'd planned on the basic free test getting 5-6 results, the first level of premium tests getting about 12-15 results and so on. What has happened, however, is that free tests are now getting 12-15 results! In short, free users are reaping the rewards above our loyal paying customers. So, it pains us to do it, but we're capping free tests at 5 responses. We've spoken to a lot of people, and we feel that 5 responses is still enough to give a reasonable indication of a trend in testing. The upside of this is that the results that free users were soaking up will now be redirected out to paid users. Should you like more results at any stage, you can now upgrade an existing test to get more results. Of course, as some of you may have noticed, we've been trialling a "bonus" upgrade to some free users. We'll be ramping this up and upgrading more free tests (for registered users only) to "Gold" tests. Hopefully this will make up for those that feel they're getting a raw deal! If you haven't received one of these yet, hopefully it will be your turn soon. Keep in mind you have to be a registered user to be a winner! The other change we've made is to pricing. Single tokens have gone up $1 to be a nice even $5. Buying in bulk still gives you a discount, but we've now added a 25 and 50 token pack due to popular demand. The cheapest per token price is still $2.50, and this is available when buying 50 tokens. We hope that the increase in test results you will now be receiving makes up for this small increase. As always, we value your feedback, and we appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more changes coming soon, including the long overdue Karma system.
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Why not offer users rewards for testing? Say I come on this site and test out 100 pages. If i wanted to put up a a page to test, there should be something that rewards me for all my time testing. say for every 100 pages you test, you get a single credit to put up one bronze test.

Frankly, I just don't think that 5 results total are enough for any significant trend to show itself.

If you were to start rewarding people for testing, you would also be increasing EVERY level of test responses.

free: capped at 15
Bronze: capped at 25
silver: capped at 50
gold: capped at 100

Get a free token every 200 tests performed.

So if I do 200 tests, and those 200 were distributed perfectly, I would have completed every group above, thus helping you make ~$30

Now say I'm the kind of person who doesn't like to spend money at all, or at least very tight with it.

I come to your site, and do a few of the tests for ya, Maybe I did enough to reach the cap for a free test. Say I like the service enough to run a few of my UIs through, maybe buying say 6 tokens (2 gold, 3 silvers, or 6 bronze tests).
Result: you make $30

If I had the option to take tests and get rewarded, I would have had to do 1200 tests to get those 6 tokens.
-$30 (I didn't buy the tokens)
+12 completed gold tests (@ $15 each)