New test options, huzzah!

First up, we want to say a big thank you to all those that have bought premium tests already! We really appreciate your support. The response has been great, and as a result we've rolled out a new set of upgrade options. We now have four levels of tests. 1. FREE - Free tests are still free, and will always remain free. We're not taking anything away from you. 2. Bronze -These up until now were called premium tests. Bronze tests reward you with double the results, and get you your results much faster than free tests. 3. Silver - Silver tests get even more results! They're also prioritised higher than Bronze and Free tests. Most importantly, however, you get to give your test some context by adding a custom question to the start of your test. E.g. you may ask, "Where would you go to sign up?", or "What are today's specials?". This enables you to get a much more focused response from users. 4. Gold - Gold tests get everything Silver tests get, but more of it! In addition, Gold tests can ask an additional question AFTER the user has completed the test. You also have the option to show the test image again (for an unlimited amount of time) to gain more detailed feedback on your design, or choose to hide the image to really test how much your users remember from the five second test! We look forward to seeing how all of you these new tools. Whether it be just to give your test some context, or to asking the user to perform a specific task, we hope these additions will make five second tests that much more useful. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback on these changes, and we look forward to bringing you more soon!
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Thanks Angry Monkeys! This is great work.

Can I suggest that you post some screenshots or examples of the silver and gold options? I'd like to know more about them before I purchase tokens.

I think that is a reasonable request! We're thinking of adding an FAQ page. So this would be a good addition to that. Thanks for the feedback!

I was wondering if the Silver & GOLD were part of annual subscription packages?


Hi Michael,

We don't have annual subscription packages at the moment. To be honest, we weren't sure that it would be something people would be interested in. We've now had a few requests for it, and I'm thinking it might be worth investigating some more.

If it's ok, can you drop us an email at [email protected] and give us some detail one what you're after. We can certainly set something up for you now whilst we consider implementing package deals.


Awesome! I was just about to suggest the idea of custom questions ... then I find you've already implemented it :)
Just wondering...

Have you guys used this for any usability testing? What I mean is this: Have you used your system and your questions and testing in coordination with usability professionals doing really in-depth tests and that sort of thing?

- Vince

Excellent work Alan and Matt.

I'm a junior web analyst trying to get my feet wet in conversion rate optimisation. Great to see Aussies making waves in this space.

- Peter